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Rurouni Kenshin Games
~ Ishin Gekitou Hen ~

What else you want from Rurouni Kenshin, you've got the Manga, Anime, Movie, OVA, and now the Games. I've gotta say that RK games are a bit disappointing. I was actually hoping something cooler than this, but drop it dead anyway, SCEI had done the best they could to make this game. So let me begin with the first game (note: all game only for PS One):


Himura KenshinI like fighting games but this game didn't come out in my fave fighting games list, too bad. The game, to be honest, is really suck! referred to the gameplay as well as the visual appearances. Sorry for those who love this game, it's only my personal opinion. The genre is semi-3D fighting game (look likes Street Fighter EX), and has 7 playable characters i.e. Kenshin, Sanosuke, Jin'e and the Oniwabanshuu (Aoshi, Hyottoko, Hannya, Shikijou). Except the little number of the characters, the moves that each character has is too poor, less various and boring. The best part of this game probably is the animated videos which are taken from the anime series. There is also the first opening theme song, Sobakasu by Judy and Mary. And that's all about it ^_^ what else I have to say. Ah! the hidden characters. There are two hidden characters in this game. The first is Saitou Hajime whom you'll face if you play in Hard mode. Then the second one is Kaoru if you defeat everyone in VS mode, but Kaoru is only an option if you play the VS mode, not any other time during the normal play of the game. I wonder why they didn't enlist Yahiko, I think that naughty little brat is quite strong though he fights with shinai. Poor Yahiko-kun Y,Y

Makoto's note: Actually SCEI had planned to make the sequel where there will be the Juupon Gatana, Shishio, Shougo Amakusa, Enishi, even Misao and Yahiko (Yeah! Yahiko-kun, finally they count on you ^ ^). But unfortunately for all RK lovers, the sequel's release date was cancel, or in worst term, aborted ;_;. Why did this happen? The SCEI thought that the prequel didn't hit the score as they had expected. But don't be in grief since there is the second RK game.


Well, actually it's not the official title but still that's how people refers to it. Because of my lack of time and interest (I personally didn't and never like RPG), I didn't play this game by myself but my comrade, Ryouga, had done playing this game. So this review will be considered to his report (Doumou ne, Ryouga-kun). One condition to be able to play and to UNDERSTAND the plot is that you must skill Nihongo at least level 2. Since all writing in this game such as dialogues, names, menu, etc. were written in Kanji and furigana. I can read furigana and some Kanji but I hardly can understand its meaning (how pathetic T_T).'s okay if you are not damn skilled in Nihongo, you still can play this game but I cannot guarantee that you will understand the story. The story was not taken from any of Kenshin's stories, but still is around people who want to roll over Japan (not again!). You will play as Kenshin with one partner, you can pick between these cuties ^_^ Kaoru, Yahiko, Sano, Aoshi or Saitou. If I was fortuned to play it, I will certainly choose Aoshi or Sano as my partner since they are strong and attractive (*grin*). As a whole, this game is quite amusing. Maybe because the fighting style which is not so common in RPGs. During the combat sequences you have an ability to, depending on your characters skill and ability, can read your opponents moves. If you do a kick-ass-combo, your character does a kind of nice speech/taunt. If the fighting game has the first theme song, then this game has a neat little sequence for the opening "1/2" by Makoto Kawamoto. Surely it's a worthy game for RK fans and those who like RPG, probably will be also a nice lesson of Nihongo ^ ^. Somehow I believe that there'll be no more RK games, since RK is out of chart in Japan few years ago, but it's so stratling to see that there are still many Kenshin fancies in this earth 'til this very moment. You and I are ones of them ^_~.


  1. My lilbro, Gerry, who had allowed me to play his PSX games.
  2. All the gamefreaks at the game center. Thanx for the clues.
  3. Ultima Nation Magazine, Vol. 09, 2000. esp the Rurouni Kenshin cover story and the games reference.
  4. Ryouga-kun, for teaching me reading Kanji.


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