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* Movie

#1: Toki o Koeru Omoi
~ Love That Transcends Time ~

SesshoumaruThe first movie of Inuyasha was released in Japan's cinemas on December 2001. I believe most of Inu-lovers must've been watching this movie. The story in this movie was not taken from the manga and anime neither, meaning it has a never-seen-before original story arc. One thing that I clearly seen is the difference in the graphics, for those who always watch the anime must've felt it too. Here, you'll be introduced with 3 new characters; Menoumaru, Hari and Ruri. All these 3 new demonic people became Inuyasha-tachi's enemy. But what makes the difference's that they didn't seek for the Shikon no Tama but Inuyasha's sword, Tetsusaiga. What's the matter with the Tetsusaiga? And why Menoumaru-tachi were so urge to have it? Aiya! It won't be fun if I tell you all about it. So, you'd better go and hunt for it, watch then find the answers by yourself.

#2: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjou
~ Illution Palace Inside a Mirror ~

InuyashaAlmost a year after the first movie, on December 21, 2002, Inuyasha's 2nd movie was released. For those who really love Inuyasha-tachi, make sure you don't miss this or you'll be sorry till the rest of your life ^_^;; This movie also have a never-seen-before story arc, so I can guarantee you'll be damn loving it. This time Inuyasha-tachi was fated to see a mysterious princess, Kaguya Hime (does it reminds you to a Japanese folklore?). The theme in this story is about "Omoi" (Thought) and "Negai" (Hope/Wish). Who is the mysterious princess?Friend or foe? and what case they have to face this time? Where do the thoughts of Inuyasha-tachi flow? and will their wishes be granted? Ara, there are too many questions to be answered ne? Sore dakara, don't miss this movie too, Okay?!

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