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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
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" he..he..wanna bath with me? "

tv station : TV Tokyo
anime studio : XEBEC
air time (japan) : july 4, 2001 - september 25, 2002
total : 64 episodes (end)

as an otaku, shaman king anime is unavoidable to be watched! although i knew it quite late ^^". although the anime is over by now but the manga is still running in japan recent days. shaman king anime has a distinct difference storyarc compare with the manga, but the fans still could enjoy it both. about the soundtracks, all sung by Megumi Hayashibara (Neon Genesis EVANGELION ~ Ayanami Rei) who also a seiyu in this anime. the opening theme are Over Soul and Northern Lights, meanwhile the endings entitled Trust You and Omokage. i really like Northern Lights which i firstly heard from the PSX game. there are many events in manga which not being told in the anime and vice versa. so i think it'll be the best to watch the anime but also read the manga. it's just to pity that i hadn't watch the whole series because it was aired pretty late on my hometown tv station so i gotta wait. maybe if have more spare time and money i will rent the cds or download the fansubs. hopefully.. Y_Y



"gosh, pardon him. he's just too excited ^^"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003