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Shaman Shrine
the shaman king project
the shaman sisters >>
the house


moshi - moshi
oretachi wa shaman musume da!
yoroshiku ne ^v^


asakura makoAsakura Mako (inumako) >>
yosh! we've finally fulfil our promise. this site is our very special site, naze?, because we made it together! ^o^ actually i entrusted it to my twin sista, tetsuko, but ever since my love to shaman king (esp. asakura you) is so deep @_@, i decided to take a part in the making of this shrine. thanx to my shaman pal, mi-chan who firstly informed me about the anime and gave me the posters, also dhani-kun who bought me the anime magz. iroiro arigatou ne. *bow*

boro boro<< Boro Boro (tetsuko)
banzai! i'm so glad this shrine finally built *sigh*. thanx to my twin sis, inumako who helped me making the layout and capture the images. about the names, we've decided to change it temporary only in this shrine due to our admire to you and horo horo. i have no dedication but to my old pal in hokkaido, thanx for the trip. soushite horo horo, "ore-tachi wa ichiban sutekina shaman!"




"yosh, kanpai!"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003