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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
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" piisu! "

mangaka : Takei Hiroyuki
publisher : shueisha
manga zasshi : shounen jump weekly
year : 1998 - now
number of manga : 24 (still running)

right before shaman king anime was aired on tv, it was formerly made in manga and serialized by shounen jump weekly magazine. talk about the mangaka, Takei-sensei was formerly Watsuki Nobuhiro's (rurouni kenshin) assistant, together with Oda Eichirou (one piece). however, i'd prefer to Takei-sensei's shaman king rather than Odachi-sama's one piece, although in Japan one piece made much better records than shaman king. the story in the manga is slightly different but i really enjoy the artwork. right now i'm still waiting the manga to be published legally in my hometown (onegai...). however, if you can't read and understand japanese then you can read the legal english translation by viz comics, or else, rip the scanned ones like i did ^^".



"boro boro? ore wa boro boro janai yo!"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003