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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house


asakura you

" you"

name : asakura you
b' day : may 12th, 1985
b' type : a
origin : izumo, japan
status : shaman
spirit : amidamaru
level : 10500
hobby : listening music, take a nap

you is the man! he's kind, easy-going and charming, never looks to worry about his life so much. we indeed share a same ideal : to live a nice and easy life so we can take a nap all the day long @_@. i really admire this unpredictable guy! however i think you is so poor to be engaged with such a gruesome shaman girl as anna >_<.
there are so many to tell about this guy and i didn't where to begin. ok, let me start with his background. as the offspring of asakura, a well known shaman family, you inherited the shaman power. however, he's just to lazy and stubborn to learn that he even not able to call a shikigami when he was already 10 years old ^^". but beneath his laziness and everything-will-be-okay way of life, he has a great shaman-talent. it's shown on how he could easily synchronize with amidamaru, his mochirei.
however, becoming a shaman at a young age doesn't look as fun as it seems. you was being wasted because of his unusual power and he spent most of his day alone listen to music with his orange headphone. indeed you's very first friend is manta, a super-mini-sized kid who is rich and smartass. you is loyal to the bones, that's why he really cares about his friends. he also has a principal that anyone who could see spirits is not a bad guy. under this principle he found his true pals, such as horo horo, ryu, tao ren and lyserg.



"i'm the one who will be the shaman king"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003