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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house


bokutou no ryu

" ryu "

name : bokutou no ryu
real name : umemiya ryunosuke
b' day : december 24th, 1980
b' type : o
origin : tokyo, japan
status : shaman
spirit : tokagerou
level : 8500
weapon : bokken (wooden sword)
hobby : looking for a so-called best place.

the strangest-looked shaman, that's my first impression. i sometimes still couldn't believe why people imitating elvis' style, i think the members of korn look much better. betsuni, actually i didn't know much about this guy but inumako told me lil about his past before he became a shaman. he was a nowhere-guy, remind me to rounin, together with his comrades he travels around funbari gaoka with his motorbike. actually what he longed for is a so-called 'best place' to hang out by their own. his friendship with you also happened due to an coincidence when you is trying to help manta from ryu and his gang. although he has those gangsta looks but indeed he is a very loyal pal and ...a great cook (that's why inumako dislikes him, because she is worst at cooking ^o^). ryu became a shaman by you's father (asakura mikisha) mentor and using a spirit of king bandit called tokagerou who was possessing him in the beginning of the story.



"ee? an elvis-looked shaman? whatta..."

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003