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shaman shrine
a shaman king project


the house


amidamaru & mosuke

" amidamaru & mosuke "

name : amidamaru
b' day : january 6th, 1387 (deceased at age 24)
b' type : a
status : you's mochirei and a samurai
weapon : harusame

as i'd mentioned above, amidamaru is you's mochirei but for you himself, amidamaru is more like a friend he can rely on anytime. i think they are the best shaman-and-spirit mate ^^". amidamaru really respects his master because he is a genuine samurai, he even addressed you as You-dono. when he still living in the age of muromachi (1392-1573), he served a nobleman but later on he was framed to death due to a calumny. however, amidamaru was finally able to survive after slaying every samurai who tried to kill him on his master behalf (kuso yaro!). because of the incident amidamaru was infamous as "oni" but the fact tells on the contrary, he might be strong but he is very kind-hearted. that's why you likes him so much.

name : mosuke
b' day : august 13, 1383 (deceased at age 28)
status : amidamaru's best friend and a sword smith

mosuke is amidamaru's best friend since they were kid. they both orphans and lived by themselves. mosuke knew amidamaru really wants to be a samurai so he made him swords, but none of the swords could satisfied amidamaru. till one day he made a genuine katana and amidamaru called it as harusame. but because of an incident, harusame is broken and mosuke came again to this life (by anna's summon) to fix it. indeed, you never really uses harusame but he could create a similar sword in over soul state. the real sword is being kept in the museum for save. in the anime, mosuke becomes manta's mochirei which i think it's so awkward because manta is not a shaman. however, it's only happened in the anime.



"amidamaru is not a tool, he is my friend"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003