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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house



" lyserg "

name : lyserg diethel
b'day : may 17, 1986
origin : london, england
status : shaman (dowsing)
spirit : morphin
level : 3500
hobby : writing diary

this kid is really annoying, he could easily leave you-tachi and join with the x-laws. i somekinda hate betrayer, so please don't sue me if i dislike this kid. lyserg lost his parents since he was a kid because of hao deeds, that's why he really urge to defeat hao in the shaman fight. however, realizing that he's weak, he began to seek for strong companions. on his way to patch village he met with you-tachi and decided to join with. but he had a doubt on you who's pessimistic to defeat hao. at the nick of the time, came another great team instead of you-tachi and hao-tachi, i.e. the x-laws (maybe they are fans of the x-files?). see that x-laws were much stronger, lyserg decided to join them (what a ****). his mochirei is a nymph namely morphin. when he was a lil kid, his father who also a shaman gave him morphin in a golden cage and told lyserg to find the key so then he's ready to be a shaman.



"AAA! what the heck is this damn kid doing here?!"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003