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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house



" horo horo "

name : horo horo
b' day : november 27th, 1985
b' type : o
origin : hokkaido, japan
status : ainu shaman
spirit : koroppo kuru (kororo)
level : 2100
hobby : snowboarding
ideal : make a huge greenfield for the koroppo kuru

fu fu fu...^ v ^ finally my part has come! yosh, i'll tell you all about this hottie @_@. horo horo is a boy from ainu tribe in hokkaido, he came to tokyo by himself to be the shaman king. a kid who had a strong will to build the largest greenfield for the endangered koroppo kuru is one of you's best friend, they seem to attach to each other very well. he has a lil sister, who's not so much different with anna, named pilika. horo horo's mochirei is a very cute spirit called kororo who possessed his snowboard when oversoul. every time when horo horo appears, there always been something hilarious happens, that why i like this kid so much esp. when he starts teasing ren ^o^.

tetsuko a.k.a. boro boro's report from hokkaido trip:
AINU, was called as Ezo or Emishi i.e. a tribe who lives in the most northern part of Hokkaido and Karafuto, some also lives in northern Touhouku. this tribe used to lived by using natural resources such as cultivate, hunting, fishing and using forest yield. the pure Ainu number only about 16.000, and their position is similar to that of the American Indians (silva cs?) in the US. they are confined to a small area of the island of Hokkaido, where their ancestors took refuge from the japanese invaders. the Ainu belong to a proto-caucasoid, non-mongoloid group but some of their physical features have baffled anthropologists, who have not been able to classify them precisely. they have relatively hirsute features, uncommonly among asians. there is a strong movement among the younger Ainu to restore their cultural heritage, lost through japanese hegemony. the tragic is, from what i've heard and seen, the japanese government treat them discriminatively, the same as happens to indians (US) and aborigine (Oz) Y_Y



"i will be the shaman king, you'll see that!"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003