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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house



" silva "

name : silva
b' day : september 16, 1971 (ara! onaji tanjoubi da yo! ^^*)
b' type : b
origin : us (indian)
status : member of juussaishi (medicine man)
spirit : silver armed, wing, rod, tail, shield and horn
level : 15000
hobby : create indian accessories

lucky me to have a mentor as silva @_@ not only strong, cool but also very kind. silva is one of the commissioners of shaman fight (juussaishi) who tested you in the entrance battle. silva found himself interested to you because of his unique talent, so then he became you's mentor afterwards. as a jury silva should be neutral but later on he supported you to kill hao in order to cleanse his family blood. silva has 5 spirits i.e. hawk, tortoise, snake, coyote and buffalo which makes him one of the strongest shaman from indian tribe, patch. when those 5 spirits were gathered they will turn themselves into a huge canon called totem pole. except silva, there are 9 other members of juussaishi, name some are chrome, kalim (horo horo's mentor), magna and nichrome.



"what do you think about my mentor? suteki da ne!"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003