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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house


tao ren

" ren "

name : tao ren
b' day : january 1, 1986
b' type : ab
origin : ki province, china
status : chinese shaman
spirit : bason
level : 5700
hobby : expressing his stress

the same as you, ren was born in a famous shaman family in china. he's been fated to join the shaman fight. but, differ from you who's being raised with joy and laughter ^.^, ren was raised with a very strict way so he grew up as a tempered, egoistic boy. all he wanted is to destroy anything that comes in his way to be the shaman king, including you, who's his rival and friend either. but because of you's unknowing-friend-and-foe behavior, ren slowly open his narrow mind and trusted you the most. you also could understand the truth behind the coldness of ren, and he cares about him too. the best prove is when you decided to go to china and help ren facing his dad's outrage. you even willing to step out of shaman king only to revive ren who's dead in the shaman fight (oh... how sweet a friendship is ToT). the uniqueness of this kid is his tuft of hair that could react as his temper rises up, he even can use it as a horn (some sort of strange secret weapon ne?)



"ren is my pal though he never really admit it"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003