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shaman shrine
a shaman king project
the house



" bason "

name : bason
status : ren tao's mochirei
weapon : halberd

a chinese warrior lived about 1000 years ago (nobody knows, ask ren for the exact date). he loyally served the tao family and mated with ren from the very beginning. although he looks cold and cruel, actually he really cares about his "bocchama" (young master, ren). he knew well about ren, the fact that actually ren was hunger for warmth and friendship. he also supported ren to be the shaman king. it's a bit strange for me actually, to see bason and amidamaru talked to each other, looked like 2 big guys from a classic movie i watched on tv years ago (i forgot the title ^^").

bason has a horse named kakuou, and ren sometimes uses this horse spirit into his own horse named hakuou (sounds pretty similar ne?). so you can see ren rides on his over-soul-horse together with bason, a real unbeatable mate!



"another big guy, a friend of amidamaru?"

shaman shrine is an original concept by inumako and managed by tetsuko@2003