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EVANGELION 03, 04, 05

Man did something and found God. When they picked-up God,
God became angry and punished man (Second Impact).
God disappeared. So man, tried to make God with his own hands: Adam.
And man created himself in Eva.

EVA 03
Unit Code : EVA Unit 03 Production Type
Pilot : Suzuhara Touji
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70 tons
Armament : -
Origin : USA [Matsushiro Secondary Test Facility]
A real dark-looking EVA, made by USA to strengthened NERV HQ in Japan. However, this EVA was infiltrated by the 13th Angel on the way. It was unnoticed until it's activated and began to attack the other EVAs. Shinji was ordered to destroy it together with its pilot. As soon as he found out the pilot was Touji, his own friend, with remaining power he threats to destroy NERV HQ and his father.

EVA 04
Unit Code : EVA Unit 04 Production Type
Pilot : -
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70 tons
Armament : -
Origin : USA [NERV]
Another short-lived EVA. Unit 04 was constructed in the second branch of NERV in the Nevada Desert along with Unit 03. However, during a test wherein NERV scientists tried putting an S2 Engine inside it, the Evangelion suddenly explode and destroyed the entire second branch of NERV.

EVA Series
Unit Code : EVA Series [Mass Production Type]
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70 tons
Armament : Dual Sword
System : Dummy plug, S2 Engine
This EVA only appears in The End of Evangelion. It has wings which enabled them to fly. It is really strong and doesn't need a pilot or umbilical cords either. The EVA Series were made by SEELE to destroy NERV HQ in order to engage the Third Impact that, they believe, will make a better new world.