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EVANGELION 00, 01, 02

"Adam's alter ego and Lilith's minion" - Nagisa Kaoru

EVA 00

Unit Code : EVA Unit 00 Proto Type
Pilot : Ayanami Rei II and III
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70 tons
Armament : Sniper Riffle X1, Progressive Knife X1, Positron Riffle X1, Longinus Spear X1, N2 Bomb X1
Origin : Japan [NERV]
The former EVA 00 appeared in bright orange color was heavily damaged after the battle with the 16th Angel which killed Rei II. So then it was rebuilt as a blue-and-white-looked Evangelion.

EVA 01
Unit Code : EVA Unit 01Test Type
Pilot : Ikari Shinji
Height : 40 m
Wieght : 70 tons
Armament : Progressive Knife X1, Pallette Riffle X1, Pallette Gun X1
Origin : Japan [NERV]
System : Dummy Plug, S2 Engine
The first EVA who fights with the Angels. It was formerly piloted by Rei but then Shinji came and becomes the pilot afterwards. Inside EVA 01 lives the soul of Ikari Yui who often rises up when Shinji's life was threatened and makes it berserk. For the mecha design, EVA 01 is indeed the most gruesome-looking EVA.

EVA 02
Unit Code : EVA Unit 02 Production Type
Pilot : Souryu Asuka Langely, Nagisa Kaoru
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70 tons
Armament : Progressive Knife X1, Pallete Riffle X1, Smash Hawk X, Sonic Grave X1, Rocket Launcher X2, Positron Riffle X.
Origin : Germany [NERV]
An EVA made in Germany which is deliberately made for battle, complete with a well-trained pilot. Inside this EVA lives the soul of Asuka's mother who died of suicide. EVA 02 was not supposed to be well-piloted by anyone else but Asuka, even the dummy system was not logged in. However, Koaru who's chosen as replacement pilot for EVA 02 could pilot it with an incredible sync ratio, because he's actually the same with EVA (both was born from Adam).