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There are 18 Angels listed in my source files, and I will try to give you enough clues about it. All of these Angels appear in the anime series, manga and also the movies.

1st Angel : Adam
First time found in Antarctica and issued to be the cause of Second Impact. It has a similar shape with EVANGELION but it's glowing bright like a flare. Indeed Adam was used as the model for EVANGELION. In the 8th episode, Adam was somehow rebirth in form of embryos. As Kaji said, when an Angel approaches Adam, the Third Impact will happen.
2nd Angel : Lilith
It has seven eyes and often percept as Adam, until Kaoru saw it and realizes it was actually Lilith. This Angel was being crucified in Terminal Dogma stabbed with Lance of Longinus. Lilith is very useful in the development of EVANGELION, its blood, used as liquid oxygen inside the entry plug, called L. C. L. That's why Shinji often smells blood inside the entry plug.
Sachiel3rd Angel : Sachiel >>
The first Angel that strikes after the Second Impact. This Angel makes EVA 01 get berserk for the very first time.
4th Angel : Shamshiel
5th Angel : Ramiel
6h Angel : Gaghiel
An underwater Angels which was defeated by Asuka (backed up by Shinji) in her first strike.
7th Angel : Israfel
Twin Angels which have 2 cores. In order to destroy it at once, Shinji and Asuka have to learn synchronic 'dance' (i think they work pretty good together, though they might never gonna admit it).
8th Angel : Sandalphon
9th Angel : Matariel
10th Angel : Shaquiel
11th Angel : Yrouel
The one and only Angel in form of virus, that's why EVA is not possible to fight her. It hacked NERV's super computer MAGI and finally defeated by Ritsuko.
12th Angel : Leliel
A strange angel in form of flying ball, it has 2 dimensional form with 3 dimensional shadow. It sucks everything within his shadow into another dimension called Sea of Dirac.
13th Angel : Bardiel
No one knows its real form since it possessed EVA O3 which was piloted by Touji, and attacked the other 3 EVAs.
14th Angel : Zeruel
15th Angel : Arael
Nagisa Kaoru 16th Angel : Armisael

Rei (the 2nd clone) has to sacrifice her life with self-destruct to defeat it, in order to save Shinji and Asuka.
17th Angel : Tabris >>
The last Angel appears in anime series. It's known also as the 5th Children, Nagisa Kaoru. This Angel learned about human feeling through Shinji and maybe the one and only humane Angel.
18th Angel : Humanity
Angel or not, it's still a speculation. It was born when Rei united with Lilith and destroyed everything on earth. It took every single souls ever lived on earth (except Shinji and Asuka) and gave human beings the meaning of life and humanity.