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There are some unwritten rules on how to behave when you play GO. First, before the game start you should bow and say "Onegaishimasu" in order to show your respect to your opponent. And during the game you may not make any disturbances that may break the concentration of your opponent. Don't forget to say thank for the game when you're done, winning or losing, to show sportsmanship.

Except behaving during the play, there are some important rules about the game you need to know and obey:

  1. The players one after another place a stone on any chosen point of the board.
  2. Any one or more stones, surrounded on all sides by those of an opponent, are taken at once. If they are not tightly surrounded, but could be certainly, then they are not taken until the end of the game.
  3. A stone that has taken one and only one stone cannot be re-taken earlier than the second play following. It is called Ko.
  4. The game is over when the completed chains of White and Black stones are in contact, with no intermediary space.
  5. That player is the winner whose chains enclose the greater number of free points (Ji). At the count, captured stones are placed in the opponent's field.
  6. When opposing chains each having one or no eyes (Me) are so intertwined that neither player can capture his opponent's stones by playing first, neither player is required to make a play which will change the situation, both chains are deemed to be alive, and the unoccupied points between the two points are not counted. This is called Seki.
  7. The formation known as "bent-four" in the corner is unconditionally dead.
  8. The stronger player may be handicapped by allowing the weaker player to place one or more stones on his first play. A handicap of one stone is nothing more than the right to play first on any point.

The rule is the player with black stones moves first. To determine who will use the black stones is by guessing the amount of white stones picked by the other player. The guess is only "odd" or "even" by picking up 1 black stone for odd or 2 black stones for even. If your guess is right you may use the black stones and move first, or vice versa. But it doesn't have to be always like that, usually in informal match the player with higher skill will use the white stones.

Shindou Hikaru


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