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Rurouni Kenshin OVA #2
~ Seishouhen ~

"Tadaima, Kaoru " - Himura Kenshin
"Okaerinasai... Shinta" -
Himura Kaoru

Maybe if you read my former review of this RK OVA #2, it was a bit disoriented. Well... however, after watching the 2nd Part I finally understood the story *sigh*. And I'll take my bad words back, it was very cool OVA indeed but maybe it took time to understand the story. It'll be much better if you've read the manga till the lastest number, unless you won't understand why Sano went to China or why Kenshin gave his Sakabatou to Yahiko instead of Kenji, his own son. Nevertheless, if you really love Kenshin then you shouldn't miss this, since this is (seem to be) the last one. There are plenty of swordsfight, gore, and... tears. I gave 5 thumbs up for this OVA. Kenshin, you'll always be in my heart and soul... ~_~.



First Half
Release date : December 19, 2001

Kisu shite It's set in year 1894-1895 when Japan had war with China, Kenshin had married Kaoru and has a kid named Kenji, Yahiko had grown into a young man (real handsome dude!) and so did Tsubame. Kaoru had just back from the harbor, waiting for his husband to come home, but still she hadn't meet him yet. However Kaoru believed that her husband will go home like always. After resigning from his title as swordsman, Kenshin stayed at home as normal husband with Kaoru and Kenji. But he couldn't be idle seeing the people of his beloved country was suffering from war and diseases. So he ask Kaoru to let him follow his heart, once again, wander to help people. But every time Kenshin go back home he always look gloomy and sad, in case to ease his pain, Kaoru always smile at him no matter how tough it was. Unfortunately, Kaoru had a terrible disease which was incurable, the same with Kenshin. While she was dying she had dreams about her memorable moments with Kenshin, like when they first time met, the moment when Kenshin saved Kaoru from Jin'e (a cool fight!), Kenshin's farewell when he went to Kyoto to defeat Shishio, and ended with Kaoru's abduction by Yukishiro Enishi, plus some other minor romances you might've already seen in the series or manga.

Himura KenshinWhat makes me a lil irked is that although the major stories were imitated from the manga but it's slightly different (you'll know if you've red the manga and watched this ova).Just like the previous OVAs, it's damn serious so don't hope you could see Kenshin says "Oro?" with his very unique face. In the end you can learn some important notes about Bakufu, Bakumatsu and Meiji Restoration that, I believe, all RK fans must've already known it best ^_^. That's all, quite IRRITATING, ne?! However, if you want to complete your RK goodies then you have to buy it or download the fansub. I believe that this is not the end, maybe the 2nd part will be released soon. Yosh, I'll bring it on as soon as I have it and I hope it'll be MUCH BETTER than this or else... I'll draw my Tetsusaiga and SLASH THEM ALL!!! ( ^^ Just bluffing...)

Last Half
Release Date : February 2002

Himura KenshinAha! Finally my words proved. Yosh! the 2nd Part is already in store. Too bad, because of my disappointment of the 1st Half I didn't buy it as soon as I heard about it. But when I get the fansub and it's so... MOVING @_@, I just headed to the anime store and buy it. This time I guarantee you will become more understand the Seishouhen, because the First and the Last Half is distinctively related. What's so special about this OVA? It'll answer all of RK fans about the ending of this incredible story, what happened to Kenshin and Kaoru, Kenji, Sano, and Megumi or see the cool grown up Yahiko @_@. This Last Half closed Kenshin's curtain and open his son's curtain, Kenji. Will they make the story about Kenji? Hope so... ^_^

Yukishiro EnishiFirst, you could see the Jinchuu of Enishi for his oneesan, Tomoe (Kenshin's late wife), by kidnapping Kaoru and fought with Kenshin as atonement. Enishi thought that it'll be perfect to kill Kaoru in front of Kenshin to make him feel the sorrow of losing someone he loved, and for the people he had killed when he was a hitokiri. But Kaoru knew that actually Enishi was very lonesome. When they fought, Kenshin knew that no matter how bad he explained his thoughts and even defeating him, Enishi won't forgive him. So Kenshin let Enishi to kill him as atonement. But right when Enishi wanted to slash him, Kaoru ran to cover Kenshin, and Enishi saw her as his own late sister, Tomoe. Enishi somehow still didn't understand why Tomoe protected Kenshin ( OVA #1 Act. 4) but he knew his sister wanted Kenshin to stay alive, so he left them two alone. Afterward, Kenshin and Kaoru visited Tomoe's grave and there Kaoru promised that she will back up Kenshin with all of her abilities till death do them apart.

Kenji vs Yahiko After giving his Sakabatou to Yahiko as genbuku present, Kenshin wandered around Japan once again to help the suffering people. Kenshin returned back home carrying an incurable disease (not mention the exact name) in his own body, and seeing her husband suffered so bad, Kaoru decided to feel her husband's pain by infecting herself with the same disease. While Kaoru's laid on bed, dying, Yahiko decided to pick up Kenji, who was at that time, in Kyoto. Kenji hated his father because he left Kaoru and him alone, so he ran to Kyoto and asked Hiko to teach him Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, but as Hiko said "Hiten Mitsurugi will end with me". Kenji rejected to return home because he thought he wasn't the one his mom expected to go home, so Yahiko then challenged him for a fight. Though Kenji was finally lost, Yahiko gave the Sakabatou to Kenji, as genbuku present too, and they went back to Tokyo to see his mom whom he left for 13 years.

Sagara SanosukeKenshin, after drowning in the sea (see the 1st Half opening), was saved and carried to China. When Sano heard that Kenshin was in China, he went to find Kenshin. But he was shocked when he saw Kenshin was dying and worse, lost his memory. Sano suddenly remembered his old times when he still lived in Tokyo and shared moments with Kenshin, so he promised that he will not let Kenshin die and meet Kenshin again with his love, Kaoru. With his best effort, he helped Kenshin go back to Tokyo but unfortunately he couldn't go with him because of things he should taken care of in China. When Kenshin was on the ship's deck, sailing near Japan, he picked up a sakura petal and suddenly he remembered to Kaoru. Kenshin finally arrived at Yokohama, and with his remained strength, he walked home. God, seeing Kenshin walked hardly like that made me really wanna cry -_-.

Shinta & KaoruIn Tokyo, Megumi came back from Aizu to take care of Kaoru as soon as she received the news from Tsubame. Megumi knew that Kaoru suffered the same disease with Kenshin and it was incurable. Kaoru was very tough, no matter how bad was her disease, she still could smile, and Megumi knew that's why Kenshin had chosen her. But one day Megumi couldn't find Kaoru on her bed. Actually, Kaoru somehow had a feeling that her husband is coming home, so she went out to see Kenshin. When they met, Kaoru ran and hold him tight, Kenshin said slowly "Tadaima, Kaoru" and Kaoru replied dearly, "Okaerinasai... Shinta". Then they sat down on the pastures, watched the sakura petals falling. Kaoru was so happy to see him back so she to him talked a lot, but when she saw Kenshin didn't say a thing she knew Kenshin had passed away. Kenshin was laid on Kaoru's lap, rested in peaceful endless sleep ~_~. What a touchy ending, I cried every time I think of it @_@. When you see the credit don't miss to listen to the conversation between Kaoru and Kenshin for the last time (makes me cry harder). And also in the latest minutes, Kenji with a mysterious lil girl (dare da?) walking through the place where his father died and suddenly get startled. He said everything is fine and told his girlfriend "Let's live happily together".

Makoto's note: This ending might be a bit 'surprising', you may cry or get mad, it's up to you. But this Sishouhen OVA, I admitted, was GREAT. The point is that, it doesn't matter how bad is your past but, how you live your present. Just like Kenshin, he knew that his trespasses in the past as hitokiri Battousai couldn't be forgiven, but he atoned it by living for the others. In his last breath, Kenshin finally found a true love and peace, and so did Kaoru.


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  3. My bigbro, Pipim, for his numerous advices. Arigatou gozaimashita, oniichan!
  4. ADV for making the original English Subtitled version.
  5. Animonster vol. 36 and vol. 39 for the details of Seisouhen and the posters.
  6. Fansub for making the English subtitled of Seisouhen.


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