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* Characters


Old toad, JakenName : Jaken
Age : Probably the same with Myouga
Features : am I supposed to describe him? He's short, having 2 big yellow eyes like a toad and carrying Nintojou (a staff with man-and-woman heads on the top of it).
Forte : Nothing really special, but his Nintojou can burst out flame which can burn hundreds of people at once. However, he's nothing without it (how corny -_-).

This odd creature seems to always follow Sesshoumaru. Although Sesshoumaru won't hesitate to kill him anytime, he's very loyal to his master. His position is almost the same with Myouga for Inuyasha, they both becomes kind a counselor, but Jaken doesn't have much knowledge than Myouga. I think it's kind a bit odd to see Sesshoumaru walked together with Jaken and Rin, but they three are match to each other, ne? ^^

~ RIN ~

Innocent Girl, RinName : Rin
Age : 7 or so.
Family : All had been killed by robbers.
Features : Just like a normal kid in kimono, long black hair, she tied her hair a little on the top that makes her looks cute.

Rin is an orphan like Shippou. Her family was slaughtered by robbers in front of her very own eyes, and since then she never talk or showing up her emotion. Once upon a day, Rin met Sesshoumaru who was heavily wounded and offered him a food, but Sesshoumaru rejected it coldly. Without thinking of the risk, Rin stole a fish for Sesshoumaru which then ended ironically, she was beaten by the raging villagers. At that time the place where she lives was threatened by Kouga's wolves. Sesshoumaru found her soaked with blood, bitten by the wolves, and with Tenseiga Sesshoumaru saved her life. Since then Rin really adores him and follows him anywhere he goes. Surprisingly, she began to talk, even became talkative, but Sesshoumaru acts as if she's never there. Rin probably the first human Sesshoumaru ever cares about (what a lucky girl she is @_@).

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