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* Characters


Cool devil, SesshoumaruName : Sesshoumaru
Nicknames : Sesshoumaru (by most people), Sesshoumaru-sama (by Jaken, Rin, and sarcasticly by Naraku)
Family : Dai-youkai (late father), Inuyasha (half lil-brother)
Comrades : Jaken, Rin.
Age : Obviously older than Inuyasha
Features : Beautiful long gray hair, red scratches on his cheeks (looks cool to me ^^), an image of crescent moon on his forehead, wearing a very lovely kimono with a cool armor, shouldering a fur of ? on his right shoulder and cold-blooded look.
Forte : This man is really good in fighting, he have a kind of light whip which comes out from his right hand, and sometimes uses the shawl of fur too. He have claws with deadly poison, later he will own Toukijin as the substitute of his former sword, Tenseiga.

Sesshoumaru is our true bishounen here, he's a man we really "love to hate" ^_~. Though he's indeed Inuyasha's half big-brother, he's quite different than Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru is very cold, arrogant, dreadful and serious, probably he even never smile. As a youkai he really hates human and Inuyasha since he's a hanyou. He assumed that their father's love to Inuyasha's mom had weakened their father. When the first time I saw Sesshoumaru's image, I thought he's a girl, maybe because his beautiful look is pretty deceiving ^_^.

I'm actually a lil bit confused on how am I supposed to place him, as antagonist or protagonist? Because although he hates Inuyasha and friends, he helps them sometimes. Like when Inuyasha turned into youkai form, he was the one who told them to use Tetsusaiga to revert Inuyasha's form. He also showed his affection when saving Rin with his Tenseiga, although he seems to never really care about her. Sesshoumaru lost his left arm when he fought with Inuyasha to have Tetsusaiga.

Sesshoumaru's different from the other antagonists, he doesn't really care about gathering the Shikon no Kakera. In the beginning he only wanted the Tetsusaiga, in that case he won't mind to fight even kill his own lil bro. But soon after he get his new sword, Toukijin, he doesn't really interested to have Tetsusaiga again. Sesshoumaru was also became the victim of Naraku's cunning plan. But when Naraku's plan to abuse him to kill Kohaku so that Sango will turn to hate Inuyasha, was failed, Sesshoumaru's worst enemy was changed.

Just like Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru also have many specialties, here are some of those :
Dakkasou : the poisonous claws.
Tenseiga : the sword he inherited from his late father which can save 100 souls in one blow (the opposite of Tetsusaiga). Actually, it's the pair of Tetsusaiga, because both were made from their father's fang. However, Seshoumaru thinks Tenseiga have no use for him.
Toukijin : the replacement of Tenseiga. This sword was made from the fang of Goshinki, one of Naraku's men.
A full youkai power that will make him turn into a giant white dog.

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