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* Characters


Sweet girl, KagomeName : Higurashi Kagome
Nicknames : Kagome (by most people), Kagome-sama (by Miroku), Kagome-chan (by Sango), Neechan (by Souta), Nee-san (by Kaouga's men), Higurashi (by Houjou-kun).
Family : Jii-chan (grandfather), Mama (mother), Souta (lil brother) and a chubby cat named Buyo
Schoolmates : Yuka, Eri, Ayumi, Houjou (a boy who have a crush on her).
Age : 15 (the 9th grade)
Features : A distinctive green sailor suit (her school uniform), long raven locks, often seen riding on her bike and carrying a huge back pack filled with daily utensils i.e. clothes, food/snack, first aid pack, flashlight, sleeping bag, even her homework ^^.
Forte : To clam down Inuyasha by spelling "Osuwari!" that will make him fell powerless to the ground (what a nice forte), she's quite handy in archery and armed with arrows called Hama no Ya. She's also able to see Shikon no Kakera.

She never even once thought that she'll be driven so deep in the other world. Kagome is only a normal Junior High school girl who lives in an ancient temple namely Higurashi Jinja. She lives with her mom, lil bro. and odd grandpa who loves telling her many supernatural stories. In her 15th birthday, she was pulled into the sacred well, Hone Kui no Ido, by a centipede momonoke, Mukade Jourou, who wanted the Shikon no Tama that was planted inside her body. As she was conscious, she found herself in a deep forest of the past, Sengoku Jidai. There her experience was began, as Inuyasha was awakened and tried to kill her to get the Shikon no Tama.

However, things were not that simple. The Shikon no Tama was scattered into many fragments and it's the duty for her and Inuyasha to work together collecting the fragments. At the beginning they always brawl and argue, but by her patience and gentleness, Inuyasha slowly became tame. Though she knew she have to gather the Shikon no Kakera, she still think about her study. Especially she's still preparing to enter her fave senior high school and facing many examinations, it even makes her get nightmares (Ah, I know how it feels...). When she have to travel in the past and leaving her school for days, her grandpa will make excuses that Kagome suffers many various diseases. Although it seems pretty reasonable, Kagome thinks that her grandpa is a little overrated sometimes.

Kagome once swore herself that she will find a man who's exactly on the opposite of Inuyasha. But she couldn't defy her feeling, that ignorant puppy-boy had made her fall in love. Inuyasha, however, was too stubborn to admit his feeling too. Things get worse when Inuyasha's former love, Kikyou, was resurrected. Kagome realized that Inuyasha still loves Kikyou and she feels uncomfortable about it. Kagome is indeed pure and honest, she doesn't mind to express her feelings directly by words to Inuyasha. Meanwhile Inuyasha could feel his true existence only when he's close to her, but on the other side he feels responsible for Kikyou's death too.

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