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* Characters


Furyouhoushi, MirokuName : Miroku (maybe taken from a meditative Buddhist statue named Miroku-Bosatsu)
Nicknames : Miroku (by most people), Miroku-sama (by Kagome), Houshi-sama (by Sango and folks), Houshi-dono (by Kaede), Miroku-ichiroku (by Shippou sometimes)
Family : I only know that his grandfather and father had died, the rest... ?.
Age : Probably about 17 or 18.
Features : Wearing a distinctive black and purple Buddhist priest outwear, carrying Shakujou (a Buddhist staff with rings), short black hair with a cute pigtail, and a pair of earrings.
Forte : Fight equal well with his Shakujou and Kazaana, a brain; meaning he's pretty good in making rational decision. Last but not least, asking girls to bear his child ^o^.

Miroku is a houshi (low level of Buddhist priest) but sometimes he acts radically different such as cursing, deceiving rich folks to get free food and place to rest, even touchinh Sango when she least expects it. However, Miroku is a very good fighter, his Kazaana (air rip) becomes a crucial weapon when things becomes crisis. His most irritating habit is asking any pretty girls he met to bear his child, "Watashi no ko wo undekudasai". Kagome and Sango were 2 of his casualties ^_~. But it's more than just a request indeed, since he needs son to end up the curse of Kazaana, in case he couldn't kill Naraku. Like Sango have Kirara, Miroku also have an attendant named Hachi-emon, a tanuki (raccoon) youkai who can transform into a huge flying head where Miroku sometimes ride on it.

About his Air Rip, Kazaana, there's a story behind it that becomes his grudge against Naraku. Long long time ago, Miroku's grandfather was tricked by Naraku who disguised as a pretty woman (because Miroku's grandfather was a lecher too @_@). Naraku cursed him by piercing his right hand which left a hole to suck everything. This Kazaana will be inherited to his offspring and will vanish if any of his offspring killed him. Kazaana will get larger and larger till it finally swallows the owner, that's why Miroku really urge to kill Naraku. However, I personally love Miroku since he's wise, calm, smart and... lecherous ^ ^.

Beside of being able to use ofuda (paper strips with charms or sutra written on it) to seal places from evil spirits, he often uses :
Kazaana : an Air Rip which can suck everything including youkai and human. When it's not in use, he covered his right hand with a purple cloth and seal it with a Buddhist rosary. Miroku cannot use his Kazaana when Naraku's poisonous bee-like bugs, Saimyoushou, are around since if it get sucked in he'll be poisoned.
Shakujou : a staff with rings which usually carried by Buddhist priest.


Ookami youkai, KougaName : Kouga
Nicknames : Kouga (by most people), Kouga-sama (by his henchmen), Kouga-kun (by Kagome), Whimpy wolf (by Inuyasha).
Age : The same with Inuyasha or maybe older.
Features : Kouga wears an armor with a skirt-like outwear from a fur of something, have a tail of wolf, wears a pair of boot made from fur too, tied his his long black hair on the topknot, carrying a katana and wearing a brown headband.
Forte : He can run very fast because of the Shikon no Kakera he hides inside his legs, he is also a good fighter and quiet smarter than Inuyasha, have a strong instinct of danger..

Another youkai who's looking for the Shikon no Kakera. Kouga leads a troop of wolves youkai from the west, the position he got from his late father. He orders the wolves to kill anyone who belongs the Shikon no Kakera so he can seize it for himself. He put Shikon no Kakera on his right hand and both legs that enabled him to run very fast. Because of being tricked by Naraku, Inuyasha and Kouga fought, since Kouga thought Inuyasha had killed the wolves youkai from the north. But although this conflict was finally over, everytime they meet they always brawl. Kouga said that he hates dog's smell and even called Inuyasha as Inukorro or Dogface ^ ^, meanwhile Inuyasha replies that he's only a whimpy wolf.

This rivalry get worse when Kouga confidently announced Kagome as his girlfriend, although Kagome never felt the same. Furthermore, everytime Kouga sees Kagome he will spontaneusly grab her hands, it makes Inuyasha get irked. And if they fight, Kagome will stop it by yelling out "Osuwari!" or keep away Kouga from him. Instead of being relieved, Inuyasha will get pissed off and says that Kagome have a crush on Kouga (my... my... what a mess). Nevertheless, when Kouga is in trouble, Kagome will ask Inuyasha to help him, and he will do it anyway (of course after cursing him beforehand ^_^ ). I think Inuyasha and Kouga resembled with Ranma and Ryoga, ne?!

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