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* Characters


Evil bastard, NarakuName : Naraku (literally means "Hell"), Onigumo (a kind of "Devil Spider"?)
Nicknames : Naraku (by most people), Naraku-sama (by Kohaku and his fellows)
Age : Unknown
Features : This guy is quite mysterious. He often seen dressed in a baboon fur and as a human in the other time. There's a kind of burn scar of a spider on his back. When he appeared as a noble named Hitomi Kagewaki, he wears in kimono and have a long curly black hair. No one ever known his true look because he can disguise into anyone he wants.
Forte : Naraku have many fortes, he can transform into anything, but he's not a true fighter indeed. He have many companions who were controlled by the Shikon no Kakera he planted on them.

There's only two words to describe this guy, SLY BASTARD. Yes, he is a son of a b*tch! He abuses the others to achieve his own goals. Name some of his victims were Inuyasha, Kikyou, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Sango, Kohaku, and Kouga. Here I enlisted the reasons why Inuyasha and the party hate him to the bones:

Inuyasha : It is obvious that Naraku was the one who destroyed Inuyasha and Kikyou's relationship. He disguised as Inuyasha and ended Kikyou's life. Somehow Inuyasha haven't yet realize it til Kikyou was resurrected, so he swore that he will be the one who end up Naraku's life for Kikyou.
Kikyou : Um... Kikyou also was well-tricked by Naraku. She thought that it was Inuyasha who betrayed and killed her, so she carried her grudge to her death. Although she helps Naraku but she said that once the Shikon no Tama is reunited, she will send him to hell.
Miroku : The Air Rip on his right hand was Naraku's curse that was heritated from generation to generation. Miroku knew that the only way to get rid off it was by killing Naraku himself.
Sesshoumaru : Naraku knew that Sesshoumaru is really urge to have Tetsusaiga but he couldn't hand it because he's a youkai. So Naraku gave him a human hand with a Shikon no Kakera in it to replace his left hand. But later on, that hand almost ate him. When he finally got Toukijin, he's no longer care about Tetsusaiga nor Inuyasha.
Sango : This brave girl really really hates Naraku as well because he uses her lil bro, Kohaku, as one of his fellows. More than that, he was the one who killed her father and all the inhabitants in her village.
Kouga : He was also tricked by Naraku, Kouga thought that Inuyasha killed his wolves youkai in the south and fought for avenge, but soon he knew it was just another Naraku's cunning plan.

In his former life, Naraku was a human named Onigumo. Kikyou found him bloody wounded and unable to move. So by her kindness she took care of him in a cave. But Onigumo had a hidden passion to own her, and couldn't stand for his uselessness he called many evil spirits to eat his soul and then Naraku was born. He became so furious when he knew that Kikyou fell in love with a hanyou, Inuyasha. Furthermore, Kikyou planned to use Shikon no Tama to turn Inuyasha into a human so that they could live together. Then he made them two betraying each other, sent Kikyou to death and sealed Inuyasha eternally.

As the best villain, of course he have many fortes such as:
Shouki : or evil poisonous air. It manifests into many forms, could be his own hair, or a miasma.
Kugutsu : Naraku's fellows which made of clay to be used in distant battle.
Saimyoushou : a horde of bee-like creatures, the ones Miroku fear most since if it get sucked in his Kazaana will cause him poisoned. This bugs works as spies for Naraku.

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