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* Characters


Kawai kogitsune, ShippouName : Shippou (literally means "Tail")
Nicknames : Shippou (by most people), Shippou-chan (by Kagome)
Family : Kitsune youkai (late father)
Age : Maybe 5 or so, of youkai age of course.
Features : Orange/brown hair which is tied on the topknot with a blue ribbon, a very cute fox tail and fox feet, he appears like a lil girl to me (indeed I thought he's a girl ^ ^" ).
Forte : Ahh!!! Shippou is quite tricky one. He's probably still a kid but he have those funny kitsune tricks, such as make things look bigger, transform into anyone or anything, duplicate himself into many, and the one I like most is teasing Inuyasha ^o^.

Shippou was, in the beginning, also collecting Shikon no Kakera in order to avenge his father's death. The men who killed his father were the Raijuu Kyoudai; Hiten and Manten, strong youkai brothers. Because of him, Kagome was caught by Manten in order to be made a hair tonic. Inuyasha later came to help, of course after arguing and brawling first. Since he is an orphan, Kagome let him tag along with them, but Inuyasha seems to be troubled with it (because Shippou really loves teasing him ^o^).

Shippou loves to transform in a cute pink balloon, he also can make a warn by throwing crying mushrooms (another cute trick). Somehow he was pretty intimate with Kagome, like when Inuyasha decided to close Hone Kui no Ido, Shippou cried aloud and tried the best he could to open it. The following are Shippou's special kitsune tricks:
Kitsune-bi : A blue harmless fire to deceive his opponents.
Tsubushi Goma : A top which can grows bigger and work as a drill for a moment.


Cowardice flea, MyougaName : Myouga
Nickname : Myouga (by most people), Myouga-jiichan (by Kagome).
Age : Very old flea youkai
Features : Tiny, bald, have 6 feet and nice mustache ^^, also a snout to suck blood.
Forte : Just like most fleas, Myouga loves to suck anyone's blood. It might be plain but when Inuyasha get poisoned by Kumogashira, Myouga sucked the poison out so Inuyasha didn't die (at last, he's useful...)

Myouga was actually the former attendant and gravekeeper of Inuyasha's late father, though he never really know where it is. Myouga came to Inuyasha to tell him that his half older-brother, Sesshoumaru, was looking for their father's grave. Inuyasha never thought that the grave was actually hidden in his right eye. When Sesshoumaru found the grave, Inuyasha and Co. followed him. There they fought to have the legacy, Tetsusaiga.

Myouga is, indeed, pretty coward (though he's a flea ^^). When the going gets tough, he usually will pack up and ready to leave. But when things get better, he will cheer 'em up. Nevertheless, Myouga have many knowledge about youkai and stuff which is pretty crucial for his companions. Like when he told Inuyasha to use the sheath of Tetsusaiga to block Sesshoumaru's blow (though actually he's just guessing ^_^).

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