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* Characters


Somber Miko, KikyouName : Kikyou
Nicknames : Kikyou (by most people), Kikyou-neesama (by Kaede), Kikyou-sama or Miko-sama (by folks).
Family : Kaede (lil sister)
Age : 16 or so.
Features : Before she was resurrected Kikyou is a very kind miko, she's beautiful and gentle, always wearing a miko dress of white kimono and red hakama, she tied her long raven locks on the back and often carrying a bow and arrows.
Forte : Kikyou is undoubtedly an outstanding archer, she used the arrows to eliminate any youkai who tried to steal Shikon no Tama. Kikyou is also able to see invisible things like Shikon no Kakera.

Kikyou was born to be a miko (Shinto priestess), she protected the village where she lived from any evil spirit and kept the Shikon no Tama from being stolen. One of those days, she met Inuyasha who's also trying to steal Shikon no Tama, but she didn't kill him because he's a hanyou. Kikyou was actually feeling lonely because she wasn't born as a normal woman, this feeling made her felt the same way with Inuyasha. However, this somber miko had stolen Inuyasha's heart and made him urge to become a full human only to be able to live with Kikyou. But Naraku made them betrayed and killed each other. Kikyou sealed Inuyasha for eternity on Go-shinboku, meanwhile she herself was dead by carrying the Shikon no Tama to the other life.

In her second coming, she was resurrected by Urasue, a youkai who wanted to use her to kill everyone else who own Shikon no Kakera. But when her body was completely formed, she still has no soul because she had been reincarnated. Urasue found out Kikyou's souls inside Kagome and tried to transplant it back to Kikyou. As Inuyasha called her name, the hidden raging souls were returned. Kikyou never thought that Inuyasha still alive and tried to kill him one more time. But suddenly Kagome took her souls back, it made Kikyou is nothing but a human-clay. In that case she needs to use the soul of dead girls in order to stay alive. She uses Shinindamachuu, a kind of insect-like youkai to carry the souls for her.

The revival of Kikyou makes the story more complicated. Once upon a day, Kikyou tried to take Inuyasha with her to hell, but it's failed because Kagome called him. The fact is that Inuyasha was so flustered to choose between Kikyou and Kagome. He feels so alive when Kagome is around but on the other hand he feels responsible for Kikyou's death. However, the revived Kikyou isn't a very nice miko, she was blinded by her grudge to Inuyasha and hates Kagome because if she meets her, Kagome will take away her souls back and she will surely die.

Kikyou have a lil sister namely Kaede who replaced her as miko after she died. Kaede sometimes help Inuyasha and Co. gathering the Shikon no Kakera by giving advice and stuff. Kaede somehow feels regret for her oneesama, Kikyou, because she's no longer 'Kikyou' she used to know.

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