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* Hanashi

Toki o Koeta Shoujo to Fuuinsareta Shonen

There is one thing that becomes the source of trouble in Inuyasha's world i.e. the Shikon no Tama or Jewel of Four Souls. Not only youkai, but corrupted human also seeking for this jewel since it could make anyone in this earth RULE! Inuyasha was one of those 'starving' creatures, he wanted Shikon no Tama to be a full-youkai. But good fate didn't seem to be with him, his life ended, sealed by a miko who protect the jewel, Kikyou.

Inuyasha to Kagome50 years afterward, a girl from the 21st century get a timeslip and was lost in Sengoku Jidai trough the sacred well, Hone Kui no Ido. She thought she was still in her home, Higurashi Jinja, though it looked a bit different. When she saw the sacred tree, Go-Shinboku, she was so happy because she thought she's not lost. But she's so surprised to see a boy was laying 'asleep' on it. However Inuyasha's strange appearance, esp. his ears, made her get amazed for a while. But soon she was captured by the inhabitants who suspected her as a spy and took her to the village. There she met Kaede-sama, an old miko who protects the village. Kaede thought that Kagome was the reincarnation of her late sister, Kikyou, because she's really resemble to Kikyou.

Suddenly a centipede youkai, Mukade Jourou, attacked the village and told Kagome to give the Shikon no Tama. It was the youkai who pulled her to that age, Kagome still didn't get what she means with Shiko no Tama but she knew she have to go out of the village or the inhabitants will die. So she ran to the forest where she came out of the sacred well. But Mukade Jourou attacked her first and she fell in the front of Go-Shinboku. She was stunned as she heard the 'sleeping' puppy boy was talking to her. "Ee?! Koitsu...hero ja nai no?".

inukagoHowever, Inuyasha won't stop calling her Kikyou, she told him that her name is "KAGOME" but he didn't heed her. When he saw Mukade Jourou eat the Shikon no Tama, he became suddenly aware. Inuyasha told Kagome to pull out the sealing arrow so he could kill Mukade Jourou, but Kaede prohibited her since Inuyasha is a dangerous hanyou. Kagome was flustered, but she didn't want to die young in a place she didn't belong to, so she broke the arrow and Inuyasha was released. In just a moment he killed Mukade Jourou with his claws. Kaede told her to pick the Shikon no Tama back before Mukade Jourou's body reunited, but Inuyasha came and force her to gave it to him, or else... he'll kill her.

Inuyasha is a very nasty dog, so Kaede enchanted a calming rosary or Nenju, around his neck. When Kaede told her to say the spell, Kagome spontaneously yelled out "Osuwari!" and he fell powerless to the ground. From then on, it becomes her most useful way to calm down Inuyasha. But things weren't so easy as she thought, when she ran away from the village and planned to go back home, she was caught by a group of samurai who wanted the Shikon no Tama too. Thank God, Inuyasha came on time when she's just about to be cut off. But a three-eyed raven youkai, Shibu Garasu, took and ate the Shikon no Tama. Inuyasha and Kagome tried to catch him up but Shibu Garasu fled so fast. When Kagome shot him with an arrow, it's not only hit Shibu Garasu but also broke the Shikon no Tama into numerous pieces and scattered all over Japan.

feudal fairy taleKagome felt guilty for breaking up the Shikon no Tama, but she also wanted to go back home. Kaede told them that they have to work together to collect the shards, Shikon no Kakera, because it's only Kagome who could see it meanwhile Inuyasha with his strength could protect her. No matter how hard they try to ignore each other, their fate was clearly written that they have to stay together for the sake of heaven ^ ^. In their journey they'll meet Shippou, Miroku, Sango, Sesshoumaru and many more good fellas and villains like Naraku and his companions.

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